The Solution of Yard Transportation
Low Fuel Consumption, Humanistic Design
European Standards in High Reliability and Safety
Supreme performance in uninterrupted work and heavy duty
Shacman Terminal Tractor

    The Solution of Yard Transportation

    Low Fuel Consumption, Humanistic Design

    European Standards in High Reliability and Safety 

    Supreme performance in uninterrupted work and heavy duty


  • Short Description of Shacman Terminal Tractor 

    Terminal Port Truck
    Drive Type4X2
    EngineWEI CHAI WD615.56
    Max. Torque(N.m)/rpm1100/1200-1600
    TransmissionFuller MT 6JS125T
    Gear Shift
    Fifth WheelJOST35DV

    Detailed Specification of Shacman Terminal Tractor

    Drive Type4x2
    EngineWEICHAI WP7.240E30, 240HP, EORO III
    GearboxAllison 3500P with PTO, F5&R1, AutomaticHydraulic propulsion, with interlock function
    Front AxleMAN 7.5T
    Rear AxleSTR 16t, Double reduction drive axle/ Ratio 11.98
    SteeringHydraulic power steering
    CabinUnilateral offset cab, Left door, the sliding door at back, Left & right sliding window, roof-top A/C condition, Heater; Bumper thickness 8mm steel, Width 2500mm,Distance to Cab front is 200mm.
    Fuel Tank200L Aluminum +Protected by guard
    The FifthwheelLifting fifth wheel;Type: 3.5’’;Max height from ground≥1500MM
    Kerb Weight8000kg
    Min. Turning Radius6200mm
    Overall Dimension5475x2500x3160mm

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A tractor truck, also called a prime mover, is a vehicle configuration consisting of a power-unit designed to pull a semi-trailer. 
Depending on the habit in different countries, it is variously known as a transport truck, semi-trailer truck, tractor-trailer truck, semi-tractor truck, semi-truck, trailer truck, tractor truck transfer truck, articulated truck, artic, single truck, semi-tractor-trailer, semi-trailer, tractor-trailer, semi-tractor, semi, trailer, tractor, big rig, eighteen-wheeler and articulated lorry, etc.
As the main equipment of highway transportation, semitrailer tractor is widely used because of its strong specialization, large load and fast transportation.
SHACMAN Tractor trucks have 5 series such as X3000,F3000,H3000,F2000,L3000 to meet different customers’ requirements.With outstanding power and fuel economy, a spacious and comfortable interior and excellent safety,SHACMAN tractor trucks win the global market.

A dump truck is a truck of which box can be elevated at the front end to allow its contents to be dumped out the back. A dump truck is typically used to haul construction waste, sand, gravel, and other similar items.

SHACMAN dump trucks have 5 series such as X3000,F3000,H3000,F2000,L3000 to meet different customer requires.With many configurations available to choose; from the standard tipper to highly specialized vehicles for tough job, SHACMAN has all that you need. No matter what the job entails, our qualified professionals can help you pick out the perfect vehicle.

A lorry Truck is a motor vehicle designed to transport cargo. Trucks vary greatly in size, power, and configuration; Lorry trucks can be multifunctional, and can be configured to mount specialized equipment, such as cargo truck with crane,fire trucks, concrete mixers, oil tanker,water tanker,and etc.

SHACMAN lorry trucks have 5 series such as X3000,F3000,H3000,F2000,L3000 to meet different customers’ requirements.With over 30 years of reputation, perfect for even the most difficult tasks, SHACMAN brings unprecedented values to its users.

A Mixer truck is also known as in-transit mixers. Materials will be mixed and loaded into the mixer drum. It begins mixing at Mixing Station. As it travels to the work site, the mixer keeps rotating to keep the concrete wet. Without the rotation, the concrete will get hard and unusable. 

The mixer drum rotates in one direction to pull the material into the drum, known as charging. Once it is time to use the concrete, it will rotate in the opposite direction. All mixer trucks are working within a 90-minute radius from the plant. 

SHACMAN vehicle series boasts many new innovations to increase performance, efficiency and comfort.

NEW ENERGY VEHICLE : SHACMAN has always been committed to the development of new energy vehicles, and has become a new energy vehicle development technology leader in China.

The new energy series vehicles use natural gas (CNG, LNG) as fuel. This series includes vehicles models from the F3000, F2000 and H3000 series that use this type of fuel. The power comes from Wei Chai’s  Euro IV,Euro V,Euro VI  natural gas engines. The chassis is based on mature Steyr and MAN technologies, safe and reliable, with power delivery comparable to that of a diesel vehicle. This series is capable of going 500-700km before refueling.

Terminal tractor, known in the United States as a shunt truck, spotter truck, spotting tractor, yard truck, yard dog, yard goat, is quite safe vehicle because it can only make limited speed. However, the terminal tractor is capable of transporting very heavy loads. This is a power machine that is used in ports.

SHACMAN has three types of Terminal tractor which are diesel type, LNG type and Electrical type. SHACMAN has always been committed to the development of this vehicle type, and has become the leader in China in this field.

Light truck or light-duty truck is a classification for trucks with a gross vehicle weight up to 18000kg and a payload capacity up to 10000kg.

With a proven design, the light truck is one of the most balanced product. Lightweight, efficient and innovative, the light truck brings about a new standard in truck quality.